Peninsula Virtual Pub

The people

We are Mornington Peninsula based people that care for our community and their friends and family. In this crisis we are looking for ways to bring people together in a responsible way through a virtual pub. Our passion is local entertainment, wines, produce and food.

We built the pub so that you can have fun from home, no matter where that is.

We don’t make money from the pub. We are seeking sponsors to meet costs, to add better services and to support local artists, charities and businesses.

How does it work?

Using online tools like Zoom and Facebook, we bring you a place to meet up with friends outside your usual network, to enjoy some trivia and live entertainment and to learn about local produce.

You can join the Front Bar and chat with others or go to a room and be entertained by live acts.

What does it cost?

The only cost is your cost to be connected to the internet. Our service is free. Zoom is free and Facebook is free.

We ask that you donate to the artists on their payment page as a thank you for their talent and practice. The money goes straight to them; we do not take a cut.

We will run some charity events from time to time and, once again, all proceeds will go to the charity.

What do we offer?

A place to meet, a place to be entertained, a place to learn, a place to share online experiences.

What do I do?

Click here to join. We only want your email address so that we can send you an access code. Your access code will let you join in the Front Bar using Zoom. From there you can chat privately, listen to music or join the trivia. Send in your answers to go into a random prize draw.

What do I need?

A PC, smart phone, tablet or smart TV that can access Facebook and Zoom. You’ll need internet access.

You’ll also need to be patient as we build this service and help other join and get online.

Bring your manners, and support the artists where you can.